Aaron’s Announcement from Sunday

On Sunday morning Aaron Dotterer, who has served our body faithfully for seven years, shared the following announcement with grace, gravity, courage, and a deep trust in our God. Afterwards the elders prayed over him and encouraged the congregation to continue to pray for Aaron as he pursues God’s next steps in his life.

I wanted to share Aaron’s words in this space for those who did not hear him on Sunday. I love this brother and am both sorrowful to see him go and eager to see what God has next for him.

Pastor Chris


Of all the announcements I have given, this is the hardest.

Change is a part of life. Ecclesiastes says that there are times and seasons for everything. God has brought me into a season of change. At the end of this month, I will no longer be employed here at WABC.

Looking back I see that God has been woking in this direction for a while, and there are things that he has used to show me that it is now time for a change.

One would be the realization of my need for rest and greater healing in my life. God has shown me that it is wisest to pursue this while not trying to fulfill the role as Associate Pastor here at Whitton.

The second is a growing desire for change for its own sake. Since I have existed, for all but 4 brief years in college, I have attended this church. I became a member here over half my life ago. And even though I am not sure exactly what is next, I feel God telling me to pick up and move, that he has something in store that he will show me. That it is simply time.

It also should be mentioned that, like all leadership teams working closely together, there have been points of tension between myself and Chris and the elders at times. But that is par for the course, and nothing that we haven’t been transparent with each other about or come to resolution on. There are no bad relationships in my leaving.

I am, in fact, very thankful for the elders and for Chris who have been amazing though this process. They have given me space, time, and grace in coming to this difficult decision. Thank you for helping me do this. I feel God’s love and care for me though you.

I am currently job hunting. I will be around for the remainder of this month, but beginning in February I will start making another church my home church. But you will of course see me around from time to time.

As painful as departing is, I am actually very excited to be making this change and see what God has in store.

I love you.

And thank you.

Pastor Aaron

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