“Brokenness is a scent, as is pride. These are not as obvious as our words or actions, but they create an atmosphere around us that gives others a sense of how connected we are with our need for God. Our aim in being involved in the lives of others is to point them to Jesus and his power to redeem. But if we do not pursue brokenness, we might find ourselves speaking a gospel about fallen humanity’s need for grace while our lives communicate the opposite.” [From the Introduction]


In this devotional designed for personal or small-group use, Pastor Chris Davis guides the reader through Jesus’ beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) and provides questions for personal reflection and application. The 8-week study is divided into 3 parts:


Dwell with Jesus until you are broken

Dwell with the broken until they see Jesus

Rejoice in hope of eternal reward


You can purchase a paperback of this book here. A PDF version is also available for free download by following this link: Dwell

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