Coming to Jesus is the greatest decision anyone can ever make! His place in human history is indisputably remarkable! What if his claims are actually true? What if he truly is God? What if he truly died and rose again? Watch this short video and consider how coming to Jesus might change your life!
The New Testament repeatedly calls on the new believers to be baptized and so publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38). It is a central component to the Great Commission that still defines the church’s mission (Matthew 28:19-20). The main verb of the commission is to “make disciples,” and this is clarified by two participles: baptizing and teaching. This gives us deeper insight into the nature of baptism. It is an initiation into the people of God, the effects of which are worked out as new believers learn from mature believers how to live in obedience to Jesus. This is why we believe that baptism is the next step for those who have repented from sin and entrusted their lives to Jesus. It is an outward display of our spiritual union with Jesus, specifically his death and resurrection, so at Whitton Avenue, we practice baptism by immersion as the best symbol of the reality to which it points (Romans 6:1-11).
God designed our spiritual growth to happen in the context of a local church. We are called to a life devoted to the growth of the body—the whole body—by practicing the “one-anothers” and exercising spiritual gifts (Romans 12:10-13; Ephesians 4:13,16; Hebrews 10:24-25). Church membership is a formal way of making that commitment to the whole body, and putting oneself to the care and the authority of the elders that God has placed in that assembly. Involvement in church life and serving one another encourage growth and community, so we invite you to deepen your commitment and join Whitton Avenue Bible Church. Becoming a member at Whitton Avenue isn’t difficult, and involves these main things: 1. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ, 2. Baptism (by immersion if you haven’t already), 3. Sharing your story of faith at one of our worship services. We have quarterly Membership Information sessions, either before, or following a Sunday service. Stay tuned for the next one.
The Christian life is one of service. Jesus set the ultimate example of how we are to serve - willingly, gladly and sacrificially. As followers of Jesus, we believe that we are all called to serve others using the gifts God has given us, reaching in to serve our congregation, and reaching out to proclaim and portray the gospel of Jesus to our broader neighborhood. We also believe that life change and growth happens in the context of meaningful relationships, and serving others gives us opportunities to develop such relationships. Your gifts and passions can make a major difference in our community. Whether you prefer to be upfront and directly interact with people or work behind the scenes, there’s an opportunity for everyone to serve.