The purpose of Whitton Avenue Bible Church is best expressed in our mission statement:

Sent by God, compelled by Christ’s love, empowered by the Holy Spirit,
we exist to glorify God through:

Reaching up in worship of God;
Reaching in to equip the Saints;
Reaching out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our desire is to worship and glorify God in everything we do. Although the three-fold expression of our purpose at Whitton Avenue (worship, equipping and outreach) are all crucial and intertwined, worship stands at the top. The ultimate end for which God created humans is to see God’s glory and worship Him fully. Thus the goal of our reaching in and reaching out is to strengthen and widen the circle of those reaching up to magnify God.  Our mission is further clarified by our core values:

Reaching Up

We prayerfully seek to be awed by the glory of God and the mercy of the gospel.

We prayerfully seek to be shaped in our priorities and affections by the Christ-centered story line of the Bible rather than the values and assumptions of this passing age.

Reaching In

We prayerfully seek to provide a safe environment in which the vulnerable can grow in the faith and the hurting and abused can experience God’s love and healing.

We prayerfully seek to foster an atmosphere of joy-filled holiness by pointing each other to the promises of God in response to the promises of the world.

Reaching Out

We prayerfully seek to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom with creativity, urgency, love, and reliance on God to draw sinners to himself.

We prayerfully seek to portray the gospel of the kingdom through acts of mercy and the pursuit of justice.

We prayerfully seek to spread this kingdom proclamation and portrayal both locally and globally.

Whitton Avenue Bible Church is affiliated with Arizona chapter of The Gospel Coalition. We have found both theological resonance and ministerial encouragement from our fellowship with the pastors and people of the other TGCAZ churches.