Become a Member

Qualifications for becoming a member at Whitton Avenue Bible Church include:

  • A believer in Jesus Christ
  • Gives evidence of regeneration (being born again)
  • Has been baptized in obedience to Christ following his or her regeneration
  • Agrees that the Member’s Statement of Faith sufficiently summarizes one’s own doctrine
  • Promises to, with God’s help, keep the commitments expressed in the Church’s Covenant


The steps to becoming a member include: 

  1. Attend a membership classes
  2. Be interviewed by an elder 
  3. Complete our Abuse Risk Reduction Policy training and criminal background check
  4. Write your testimony to be shared with congregation during a Sunday worship service

Attend our membership classes to learn more about the church’s mission, distinctives, and beliefs. This is probably the best place to find out if Whitton Avenue is a good fit for you. 

Attending does not commit you to becoming a member, but it is required for those who want to become members.

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