Join a small group

At the heart, the vision of the Small Group ministry is to see believers flourish in their love for God and neighbor. This sort of flourishing (growth, perseverance, maturity, discipleship, etc.) is cultivated not just by isolated Christians reading their Bibles and praying. Nor does this sort of flourishing take place as a result of one’s mere attendance or even consistent participation in the corporate gatherings of the church (although those are of the utmost importance). 

But, for Christians to grow and flourish and multiply and persevere as broken saints living in a broken world – we must live in a gospel-saturated community with other saints. 

Joining a small group is one way to live in such a community. That is why small groups revolve around fellowship, practical biblical discussions, and prayer. 

For specific times and locations, please contact

  • Lusk/Gurry Small Group – on Sunday evenings.
  • Clark/Valadez Small Group – on Sunday evenings.
  • Brooks/Newkirk Small Group – on Friday evenings.
  • Maurer/Slater Small Group – on Monday evenings.
  • Carlson Online Small Group – on Thursday evenings.
  • Band/Tech Team Practice & Small Group – on Wednesday evenings. 
  • Men’s Group – on Monday mornings. 
  • Women’s Bible Study – on Tuesday mornings. 
Can’t find anything that works with your schedule? Maybe that’s because God is leading us to start a new group. Contact Chris.